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Better Therapeutics = Better Outcomes

Not surprising that a PharmD and a pharmacologist would believe that the path to better outcomes includes individually tailored medications.  The difference is that Allen Nichol and Ken Bachmann acted on their convictions.  The result is CeutiCare’s Intelligent Clinical Guidance application.

CeutiCare has proven that it can dramatically improve outcomes for those suffering from chronic illnesses using an algorithmic approach to prescribing.  This approach combines patient data, clinical practice guidelines, a drug database, and evidence-based algorithms to produce the optimal suite of medications for a patient.  These optimal medications result in rapid clinical improvement and generally an improvement in the patient's own sense of well-being.  

There are many different approaches to the problem of chronic disease.  Some focus on prevention or early detection.  Some focus on managing the care team and the information they receive.  Some focus on empowering the patients or modifying their behaviors.  CeutiCare’s approach is one of the few that has documented significant predictable outcome improvements.  Fine tune a patient’s medications to address the patient’s current clinical state and the patient’s clinical state improves.  As the clinical state changes (for the better), the medications also have to change in order to remain optimal.  It’s this iterative process that rapidly brings the patient to the point at which their conditions are well managed and predictable.

This same approach can be used to manage chronic pain with non-narcotic medications.  Most pain is the result of inflammation, neuropathy, muscle spasms, oxidative stress and/or depression.  Using this same iterative approach, CeutiCare has successfully treated these forms of chronic pain and weaned patients from opioids. 

Our vision is that patients with chronic conditions can live happier more productive lives with a pharmacist on the care team helping manage their medications. 

About US

Management Team

                              Allen Nichol, Pharm.D. - Co-founder COO/VP Clinical Operations

                            Allen brings extensive clinical pharmacology experience to CeutiCare.  During his career, Allen has been responsible for patient care,                                            pharmaceutical care services, and disease management systems for medical practices. He has directed multi-disciplinary teams of                                                physicians, nurses, health coaches and athletic trainers to manage patients with diabetes and co-morbidities.   Allen also consults in medication therapy management and presents on evidence-based drug therapy dependent upon laboratory results and vital signs.  He works with patients and team members to modify patient behaviors regarding diet, exercise and foot care.
Allen was named as a visionary in the pharmacy profession and one of the fifty most influential pharmacists advancing pharmaceutical care as the standard of practice by American Druggist Magazine (September 1997).  He was also honored with Florida’s first Dupont-Pharma Innovative Practice Award (1993), as well as the Ohio Innovative Practice Award (2010).   Allen is a member of the Ohio Pharmacists Association Disease management task force (2003 to current), and he was elected to the American Pharmacist Association, Member at Large, Executive Committee through the Academy of Pharmacy Practice and Management (2011-2013).  Allen earned his Pharm.D. from Southeastern University of the Health Sciences and his B.S.P.H. from Ohio Northern University.

Kenneth A. Bachmann, Ph.D., F.C.P. - Co-Founder and VP Pharmacoinformatics

Kenneth brings to CeutiCare a distinguished career in academia and clinical pharmacology consulting.   He oversees strategy and operations of CeutiCare's Pharmacoinformatics capabilities.   During his career, he has been awarded over 50 grants totaling nearly $3MM, and                                           Kenneth has obtained numerous grants for CeutiCare.
Kenneth taught Professional and Graduate Courses in Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics while at the University of Toledo.   He has received numerous awards and honors, most recently the University of Toledo, Health Science Campus Career Achievement Award (2007) andDistinguished University Professor of Pharmacology, Emeritus (2008-present).  Among his many organizational memberships, most currently Kenneth is active with the American College of Clinical Pharmacology (Fellow), the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, the American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists, and the American Pharmacists Association.   He also serves on a number of Boards.  Kenneth earned his Ph.D. in Pharmacology and his B.S. in Pharmacy from Ohio State University.

​Ryan Niro, M.S. - Director of Information Services

Ryan brings over 10 years of experience as a healthcare systems software engineer to CeutiCare.   He is responsible for the development and maintenance of CeutiCare's ICG and EMR software, SQL Server database, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), and he is instrumental in encoding CeutiCare's data aggregation and efficiency studies. 
Prior to joining CeutiCare, Ryan was a software engineer for a leading EMR company, where he also served as a sales engineer and consultant.  Additionally, he was a small business owner, working with cardiologists to develop diagnostic reporting software.   Previously, Ryan worked primarily in medical sales while attending graduate school.   Ryan is a published researcher and possesses a strong background in medical software technology and customer relations.  Ryan received his M.S. in Bioengineering from the University of Toledo and his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Dayton.