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April 2019

CeutiCare Status

There are myriad stories in the pharmaceutical literature about pharmacists acquiring roles as physician extenders and/or healthcare providers. Many of these accounts demonstrate both improvements to patient care as well as savings in healthcare costs. A recent LinkedIn post noted that the University of Michigan "approved the first oncology pharmacist collaborative drug therapy management agreement"...which permits oncologists to delegate management of some cancer and chemotherapy symptoms to a qualified pharmacist, and also allows the pharmacist to initiate new medications. In keeping with the theme of pharmacists getting directly involved in patient care CeutiCare, in collaboration with both Anthem and CPS, has put a program in place in Ohio for the past several months in which PharmDs, under collaborative practice agreements, see outpatients with select chronic diseases in PCP offices, order medications and laboratory tests, and are recognized as providers and paid for their services as providers. ​CPS provides the pharmacists for this collaborative project. CeutiCare provides its ICG™ software, and is responsible for billing Anthem for PharmD services. Already the early data for both blood pressure and HbA1c have shown marked reductions for both parameters.
OPKO Project         
We are proud to announce that we have forged a collaboration with OPKO Health. OPKO has developed a drug for treating secondary hyperparathyroidism (SHPT) which fits into our ICG™  algorithm for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) who also have SHPT. Roughly 40% of CKD patients develop SHPT. We are monitoring all of the CKD/SHPT patients who are treated with OPKO’s Rayaldee™ as well as an equal number of patients who receive treatment from another vitamin D analog, and sharing the outcome data (after scrubbing all patient identification) with OPKO. This project is funded by OPKO, and the total value for submitted data is set to reach $371,000.

Reseller Channel                     
We have structured our CCM program so that any PharmD or network of PharmDs can offer the program to physicians or physician groups that they already service or with whom they have professional relationships. In our Reseller model PharmDs offer the CCM program to their physician colleagues. We can help provide the necessary support for physician engagement. We can also provide examples of the billing parameters surrounding both PharmD and physician payment. Our CCM program can be used whether or not a physician or physician group uses an EMR. Those PharmDs or PharmD networks that engage in CCM using ICG™ ™ software for either its EMR function, its algorithmic decision-support software for individualized medication therapy, or both..  

If you are interested in providing the CCM program to your physician colleagues please refer to our website and contact Allen Nichol, PharmD, COO and VP Clinical Operations @ 614-506-8128.