Congratulations for surviving the 2016-2017 Winter

March 2017

CeutiCare Status
We had good success in 2016.  We expanded our footprint in patients and customers.  We hit the financial “break-even” point in Q4 and have continued to operate at that level.  That growth is due to reinventing ourselves as a software company.   Our ICG™ software (as explained in the last newsletter, and re-stated at the bottom of this newsletter) is now the focus of our marketing rather than the provision of expert decision-support services exercised through the engagement of CeutiCare’s PharmDs.  We still need PharmD’s and we still have physicians who purchase both ICG and PharmD services from us.  However, the new business model is, in our view, a catalyst for getting many more PharmDs directly involved in providing those services to PCPs using ICG™ software. PharmDs in this new role are independent consultants to PCPs.  The PharmD’s become resellers for us rather than employees.  Please visit our website ( for a more complete explanation.

CeutiCare has new business relationships with seven PharmDs from Maine to Florida.  They are creating their own business relationships celivering CCM and BHI services to PCPs.

Additionally, five new PCPs have acquired ICG™ licenses, and are employing either their own PharmDs to assist with CCM and BHI services, or are utilizing CeutiCare PharmDs. 

We continue to service large internist practices and self ensured employers.
At this time we provide MTM, CCM and BHI services through our partners listed above, to approximately 4,000 patients, and most of our partners have just begun providing services. We anticipate that these services will be provided to 3-5 times as many patients by the end of 2017 FOR THE EXTANT SET OF PARTNERS ALONE. We are working hard to expand our footprint even more.
OPKO Project         
We are proud to announce that we have forged a collaboration with OPKO Health. OPKO has developed a drug for treating secondary hyperparathyroidism (SHPT) which fits into our ICG™  algorithm for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) who also have SHPT. Roughly 40% of CKD patients develop SHPT. We will monitor for one year all of the CKD/SHPT patients who are treated with OPKO’s Rayaldee™  as well as an equal number of patients who receive treatment from another vitamin D analog, and share the outcome data (after scrubbing all patient identification) with OPKO. Operational costs of identifying and monitoring between 400-1000 patients for an entire year, and providing timely reports to OPKO will be funded by a grant from OPKO for $371,000.

Reseller Channel                     
We have structured our CCM program so that any PharmD or network of PharmDs can offer the program to physicians or physician groups that they already service or with whom they have professional relationships. In our Reseller model PharmDs offer the CCM program to their physician colleagues. We can help provide the necessary support for physician engagement. We can also provide examples of the billing parameters surrounding both PharmD and physician payment. Our CCM program can be used whether or not a physician or physician group uses an EMR. Those PharmDs or PharmD networks that engage in CCM using ICG™ ™ software for either its EMR function, its algorithmic decision-support software for individualized medication therapy, or both..  

If you are interested in providing the CCM program to your physician colleagues please refer to our website and contact either Jeff Beamsley, VP for Business Development ( or Allen Nichol, VP for Clinical Operations ( or call: 502-309-9490