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Congratulations for surviving the 2022-2023 Winter

March 2023

CeutiCare Status

We are delighted to report some new developments that have recently strengthened CeutiCare's ability to deliver CCM recommendations to physician practices.

We have added large family practice in Marion Ohio to our family of physician clients. This particular practice estimates that they will be able to offer our services to as many as 2500 of their CCM patients. We initiated our services in January 2023 and already have delivered reports with our recommendations for more than 500 of their patients.

We have helped a second large family practice increase its annual revenue AND improve patient outcomes for its CCM patients:

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This program is really picking up and adding great Revenue opportunity as well as quality care for our patients. We at Gateway Health and Wellness appreciate your efforts.


We have just recently entered into a partnership with PharmPro (Philadelphia) that will exppand opportunities for both PharmPro and CeutiCare to enhance CCM for seniors in many places around the U.S. by supporting CCM efforts at FQHCs, large independent physician groups, and small physician practices. These efforts will engage the pharmacists working at FQHCs, CeutiCare pharmacists, PharmPro affiliated pharmacists, and independent pharmacists. 




If you are interested in providing the CCM program to your physician colleagues please refer to our website and contact Allen Nichol, PharmD, COO and VP Clinical Operations @ 614-506-8128.