ICG Benefits for Hospitals and Accountable Care Organizations

New Opportunities

Healthcare in this country is transitioning from transaction business models to one where providers and health systems are rewarded for improvements in outcomes and quality of care.  Accountable Care Organizations manage the shared risk through a healthcare system for the population of patients that they serve. 

The most immediate opportunities for improvement exist in populations suffering from chronic conditions like diabetes.

CeutiCare has developed a complete Collaborative Chronic Care Management solution to assist organizations committed to improving the quality of care and outcomes for their community.

ICG works with physicians to improve the outcomes of their chronically ill patients based on the care plan for that patient. Pharmacists using ICG contribute to the care plan through a set of medications tuned to maximize patient results.  Those medications address the current clinical needs of the patient, eliminate adverse drug interactions, reduce side effects, rapidly bring patients into clinical control of their conditions, and meet their care plan goals.  Continued chronic care management adapts the suite of medications to changes in the patient’s clinical conditions.  This helps the patient meet their long term goals and enjoy a better and more predictable quality of life.  

Cost Savings
Better management of chronic conditions translates directly into reduced hospitalization costs.

Recent studies from California and Massachusetts predict annual savings in hospitalization costs of $2500 to $4000 a year for diabetic patients under control (A1c < 7) compared with those whose diabetes is poorly managed (A1c >10).

Contact CeutiCare to find out how you can increase the percentage of your diabetic population who are under control to 50% within 90 days of treatment.  

CeutiCare ICG Delivery Models 

Full Service
CeutiCare hosts the software, provides the manpower, performs the analysis, and delivers the Medicaton Summary Notes remotely.  This is typically billed on an encounter basis.

Software Only
CeutiCare provides access to a hosted instance of ICG.  The customer supplies the PharmD’s.  There are several billing options based on what is best aligned with the customer’s business model.